Burn victim's scalding plea

A TEENAGER who suffered permanent facial disfigurement from scalding hot bath water when he was a baby yesterday went to the Scottish Parliament to campaign for greater protection for the public.

Darren Ferguson, 17, from Stenhousemuir, appeared before Holyrood’s public petitions committee to call for regulations to ensure thermostats - which prevent tap water reaching scalding point - be installed in new buildings and renovated properties from May next year.

Mr Ferguson, who has undergone 59 major operations, numerous minor operations and laser surgery since being scalded on the face and chest by bath water when he was just six-months-old, said the thermostatic device cost just 80, but could save lives and prevent suffering.

He told the committee: "How can anyone say that years of mental and physical pain, a lifetime of disfigurement and the huge costs to the National Health Service are not worth an investment of 80 to save children and families in the future having to endure all that I and my family have had to suffer?

"My physical injuries are plain for all to see, I have others which cannot be seen, I was robbed of my childhood, I had to grow up and face things that none of my friends had to face."

According to the Scottish Burned Children’s Club, 20 per cent of patients who come to hospital suffering from burns under the age of 14 suffer their injuries from bath water.

Convener Michael Mc-Mahon agreed to write to the minister directly, rather than officials, as soon as possible.

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