Armed police ‘result of SNP push to centralise power’

Armed officers were recently spotted in Inverness. Picture: Ian Rutherford

Armed officers were recently spotted in Inverness. Picture: Ian Rutherford

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CHIEF Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has attacked the SNP over policies such as the arming of police officers in parts of Scotland, following a controversial decision by the single national force that was created by the Nationalist government.

Armed officers were recently spotted on their way to a routine incident at a fast-food restaurant in Inverness, following an operational decision by Police Scotland.

The Liberal Democrat minister will also use a speech in Inverness today to claim the Scottish Government is increasing centralisation at Holyrood, at the expense of local communities.

He will state: “The Nationalist philosophy means deliberately trying to airbrush out the different identities and communities that exist within Scotland and instead centralising as much power as possible to themselves and the Holyrood elite.”

However, Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon claimed the UK government had failed to offer Scots an enhanced package of devolution in the event of a No vote, as she defended the SNP’s record in power during a series of campaign visits in the Highland and Islands.

She said: “While the Scottish Government has been clear 
that after a Yes vote powers over the Crown Estate will be devolved – the UK government has totally failed to match this pledge.”

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