Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond

Viewers react to Alex Salmond’s Brexit interview on RT

Viewers tuning into the second Alex Salmond Show have had their say online about the RT programme.

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Alex Salmond is hosting his RT chat show. Picture: Chris Radburn/PA Wire

Alex Salmond on RT: UK facing ‘total humiliation’ over Brexit

Alex Salmond beleives Britain is facing “total humiliation” over Brexit as he focused on leaving the EU in his second show on RT.

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Alex Salmond promised big in his first weekly chat show. Pictured: Chris Radburn/PA Wire

Tom Peterkin: Alex Salmond was true to form, there was the Robert Burns quote

Alex Salmond opened his new weekly chat show by promising big. Famous politicians, “stars of stage and screen” and business figures would be appearing on Kremlin-backed RT with the former First Minister.

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First edition of the Alax Salmond Show on RT with an exclusive interview with Catalan President Carles Puigdemont

Alex Salmond’s show on Kremlin-backed TV stokes controversy

Alex Salmond was last night embroiled in a “fake news” row following the broadcast of his inaugural chat show on the Kremlin-backed broadcaster RT.

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Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond writes to Theresa May about his RT show

Alex Salmond has written a letter of complaint to the Prime Minister following reports that Downing Street believed his TV programme on a Kremlin-backed broadcaster was ill-advised.

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Alex Salmond is hosting his RT chat show. Picture: Chris Radburn/PA Wire

Viewers react to the first Alex Salmond Show on RT

Alex Salmond’s first show has been broadcast on Russia Today.

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Alex Salmond has suffered rejections from potential guests

David Cameron rejects Alex Salmond’s offer to be guest on RT show

Former Prime Minister David Cameron has become the latest big name to reject an appearance on Alex Salmond's new talk show on Russia Today, it has emerged.

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Alex Salmond has insisted he will have editorial control

Scottish ministers will not appear on Alex Salmond’s Russia Today show

Scottish Government ministers will not appear on Alex Salmond's new talk show being aired on Russia Today, a spokesman for the First Minister has confirmed.

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Alex Salmond's decision to host a show on Russia Today could be a problem for the SNP

Darren McGarvey: Make a point about Alex Salmond and the SNP at your peril

Not even in London can you escape the wrath of angry Nationalists on Twitter, says Darren McGarvey

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Alex Salmond and Colin Clark during the 2016 Scottish Parliamentary election campaign. Picture: Contributed

Tory MP who ousted Alex Salmond at general election mocks RT show

The Tory MP who unseated Alex Salmond at June’s snap election has mocked the former SNP leader’s controversial move into Russian broadcasting, claiming it “will suit his politics”.

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Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond criticised for hosting TV show on Russia Today

Alex Salmond is to host his own political talk show on RT.

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Alex Salmond set ‘to launch’ TV chat show

Following a successful stint at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Alex Salmond is reportedly launching his own television chat show.

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Nicola Sturgeon with Alex Salmond in 2014. Picture: TSPL

Nicola Sturgeon ‘lacks business support’ of Alex Salmond

A leading independence-supporting businessman has claimed Nicola Sturgeon does not have the support of the business community in the way Alex Salmond did.

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Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond to appear at Scottish independence rally in Edinburgh

Alex Salmond will be among the speakers at a major gathering of independence supporters taking place in Edinburgh next month.

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Alex Salmond teases Fringe tour audience with sultry striptease

Alex Salmond teases Fringe tour audience with sultry striptease

Alex Salmond pretended to do a strip tease as he took his hit Fringe tour on the road.

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Ex-SNP MP and former First Minister Alex Salmond. Picture: John Devlin

Alex Salmond named keynote speaker at renewables event

Former First Minister Alex Salmond has been confirmed as the keynote speaker at a major conference in Scotland looking at the impact on the renewable energy industry following Brexit.

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Alex Salmond to host three-hour weekend radio show

Former first minister Alex Salmond is to host a “fiery” new weekend radio show from this weekend.

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Former First Minister Alex Salmond at the Fringe. Picture: Lesley Martin/PA Wire

Alex Salmond signals indyref2 could be after 2021 Scottish election

Alex Salmond has signalled that a second independence referendum could be delayed until after the 2021 Scottish election when he called for a shift in the Scottish Government’s position on Europe.

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Alex Salmond: Independent Scotland would join EFTA quickly

Former First Minister Alex Salmond has said that membership of the European Free Trade Area (EFTA) would guarantee that an independent Scotland will not be made “relatively poorer by full English Brexit.”

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