Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond blasts Theresa May and her ‘planks of wood’

Alex Salmond has heavily criticised Theresa May for the manner in which she runs the UK Government as Prime Minister.

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Alex Salmond with Margaret Ewing  in  Sept 1990.  Pic by Stan Hunter.

On this day: Alex Salmond wins SNP leadership battle

On this day in 1990, Alex Salmond defeated Margaret Ewing by 486 votes to 186 to become National Convenor of the Scottish National Party.

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Alex Salmond believes that if Scotland is 'dragged' out of the EU a second referendum should happen. Picture: John Devlin

Alex Salmond: ‘Once in a generation’ referendum was estimation

The former First Minister said it had only been an ‘estimation’ that constitutional referendums were once in a generation and that the political landscape had now changed.

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Alex Salmond does not expect Scotland to be given any concessions in Britains Brexit negotiations. Picture: John Devlin

Salmond urges Sturgeon not to wait for polls on indyref2

Two years ago today, Alex Salmond was casting his vote for Scottish independence in a referendum he called a “once in a generation” event. At some point over the next two years, he believes he will be doing so again.

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Alex Salmond at the Scottish Parliament. Pic by Michael Gillen

Alex Salmond predicts second independence referendum by 2018

Alex Salmond has predicted that Scotland will see another independence referendum in around two years’ time in an interview marking the second anniversary of the 2014 vote.

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Alex Salmond says MPs should be given a vote over the Hinkley power station.

Alex Salmond: Hinkley vote would ‘name and shame’ supporters

MPs should be given a vote over the Hinkley Point nuclear power station so those who support it can be “named and shamed”, Alex Salmond has said.

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Alex Salmond thinks that Donald Trump will pose a real threat to the US if elected Picture: John Devlin

Donald Trump poses security risk to US - Alex Salmond

DONALD Trump is a “manchild” who poses “a real and present danger” to US security, according to Alex Salmond.

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Alex Salmond was paid �15,000 during his first months as a weekly LBC host. Picture: Contributed

Alex Salmond defends accepting £30k resettlement grant

Alex Salmond has defended accepting a resettlement grant of almost £30,000 after standing down as an MSP.

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Salmond reckons Murray should have been knighted in 2013. Picture: Getty

Salmond tells Cameron: Give Andy Murray a knighthood

Alex Salmond has called for Andy Murray to be knighted in David Cameron’s resignation honours.

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Alex Salmond has warned Theresa May not to mess with Scotland's people. Picture: LBC

Alex Salmond warns Theresa May: Don’t mess with people of Scotland

Theresa May is due to visit Scotland tomorrow and the former First Minister of Scotland had a few words of advice for the new leader.

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Former first minister Alex Salmond asked why the UK government was so unpopular. Picture: PA

Salmond mocks Hammond over Scotland’s ‘popularity’ in Europe

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has dismissed opinion polls after the SNP pressed him over the apparent popularity of Scottish independence among EU citizens.

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Alex Salmond has claimed the Chilcot Report is just the start of a process to hold th0ose reponsible for the Iraq War to account. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Chilcot report ‘far from final word on Iraq War’, says Salmond

The publication of the Chilcot report into the Iraq war will be “just the start” of a process to hold those responsible for the conflict to account, former Scottish first minister Alex Salmond has said.

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Alex Salmond. Picture: Jane Barlow/PA Wire

Alex Salmond contrasts ‘toxic’ EU campaign with ‘uplifting’ Scots vote

FORMER Scottish first minister Alex Salmond has branded the EU referendum campaign “toxic” and “poisonous”, as he rejected comparisons with Scotland’s independence debate.

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Alex Salmond and Iain Duncan Smith on LBC. Picture: Contributed

EU referendum: Alex Salmond says Brexit would spark Indyref2

There will be another Scottish independence referendum if there is a majority vote at Holyrood, according to Alex Salmond.

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Alex Salmond alongside Labours Alan Johnson during the EU referendum debate on Thursday. Picture: Getty

Alex Salmond urged to quit Remain in EU campaign

Former Scottish First minister Alex Salmond has been urged to quit the campaign to keep the UK in Europe “before he does any more damage”.

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Alex Salmond still some times thinks he is First Minister, the job he had for seven years

Alex Salmond admits he misses being First Minister of Scotland

ALEX SALMOND has revealed he sometimes wakes in the morning ‘still thinking he’s First Minister’.

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Former First Minister Alex Salmond

Brexit would lead to indyref2 in two years - Salmond

A SUCCESSFUL referendum on Scottish independence will be within two years if Britain votes to leave the European Union, according to former First Minister Alex Salmond.

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Alex Salmond. Picture: PA

Alex Salmond: Sajid Javid like rabbit in headlights over steel jobs

Alex Salmond has said that the UK’s business secretary Sajid Javid has acted like “a rabbit caught in the headlights in” with his response to the crisis facing the British steel industry.

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Alex Salmond in LBC studio

Scotland would have better terror intelligence - Alex Salmond

FORMER First Minister Alex Salmond has claimed an independent Scotland would have better terror intelligence than England.

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The former First Minister insisted that Scotland was diverse rather than divided. Picture: PA

Scotland ‘not divided, but diverse’ insists Alex Salmond

ALEX Salmond claimed Scotland is not divided after the battles of the referendum campaign in his final speech to MSPs at Holyrood.

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