10k donation for Better Together campaign

More good news for Better Together as EEF chief Terry Scuoler donates 10k to the campaign. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

More good news for Better Together as EEF chief Terry Scuoler donates 10k to the campaign. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

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Scottish independence: The chief executive of the UK body which represents manufacturers has given £10,000 to the Better Together campaign.

Terry Scuoler, the chief executive of EEF, who describes himself as “a proud Glaswegian” said that he “resents” suggestions that he is not a “passionate Scotsman” because he does not support independence and urged Scots to “vote No with pride.”

He said: “I know the implications of a yes vote would be deeply damaging for the Scottish economy, and thereby the living standards of ordinary Scots, for decades to come. We must preserve the union.

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That is why I would urge my countrymen and women to do some hard-headed thinking, for there is much at stake.

There is still time for anyone considering voting yes to step back from the brink and prevent a potential nightmare scenario where the yes campaigners to succeed.”

He went on: “We Scots do not like people – especially anyone south of the border – telling us what we should do.

“But, as a Glaswegian, and former Argyll and Sutherland Highlander, I consider myself to be Scottish first, and then British, so I feel I am qualified to speak.

“Independence would be a disaster for Scotland, economically and politically, and it would greatly diminish the United Kingdom as a whole.”

A Yes Scotland spokesman said: “Mr Scuoler is entitled to his opinions, but he is incorrect on a number of his assertions.

“Far from being a disaster, a vote for independence offers the people of Scotland a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a fairer, better, more confident and wealthier society. As the hours pass towards polling next Thursday, more and more people are listening to our positive messages and moving to Yes.”


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