Performance proves good for the soul

Alma Flamenco Dance Company

Traverse Theatre ***

IF the fancy footwork shown by the Alma Flamenco Dance Company last night was anything to go by, then David Beckham’s going to have his work cut out trying to impress the Spanish.

For around two hours, eleven musicians and dancers hypnotised the audience at the Traverse with a blistering display of ridiculously fast dancing, virtuoso guitar playing and frenetic clapping.

Sure, the main qualifications of the three singers seemed to be the ability to sing as if they were having their fingernails slowly pulled out, but the fact the company derives its name from the Spanish for soul says it all.

While the singers wailed and howled two Flamenco guitarists plucked, thrummed, and thrashed their way through the selection of songs with bewildering speed, accuracy, and soul. The pace, vigour and intricacy of their playing was matched only by the movement of the female dancers and Felipe de Algeciras, who rippled sensuously around the stage.

After such an intense musical onslaught on the senses, it was something of a relief in the end to step out into the sobering drizzle of an Edinburgh evening.


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