Paranormal expert to get Hearts on right lines

A PARANORMAL investigator has offered to dowse Murrayfield Stadium in a bid to spiritually prepare Hearts football team for a potential change of ground.

Ron Halliday, who has been a dowser for more than 20 years, has been a Hearts supporter since he moved to Edinburgh from Wales in 1962. He said: "I’ve been dowsing for a number of years and I found it’s easy to find energy lines.

"I’m hoping to map the lines across Tynecastle and compare them with Murrayfield to see the difference in energy. I want to see how these lines could affect the players. A lot of football teams tend to perform better at home and I think one of the reasons for that is because they get in the way of the energy lines that run through the ground.

"People do the same in their houses. Even if Murrayfield isn’t very good, people can get adjusted to it. If Murrayfield has very bad energy streams, I would see that as a reason to stay at Tynecastle.

"I can alter the flow of energy lines by putting down different types of stone, such as quartz, that can deflect the negative energy. Until they get adjusted, it might have a negative effect on them for a short period."

Mr Halliday, who has worked on Scone Castle and a number of other ancient buildings, said he had never dowsed an area as big as a football pitch before.

Gary McKay, who played for Hearts for 17 years until 1997, said: "I have my own personal feelings on the subject, but I’m open-minded enough to take his view. Any new insight that people can have is great. Anything that’s going to give the team an advantage in the long term is fine by me."

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