Zeal of approval

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IT WAS interesting and encouraging to read Peter Craigie’s positive letter (11 December) on the importance of defence i­ssues in an independent Scotland and how New Zealand’s defence force may provide a useful template.

These resources provide not only conventional defence but contribute to United Nations’ missions and provide aid in civil emergencies.

To continue in this positive tone, a recent study by the Royal United Services Institute concluded that an independent Scotland could defend itself for £1.5 billion a year less than it currently pays to London.

The report examined “what the armed services of an independent Scotland would look like” and states that a Scottish defence force would be “necessary, feasible and affordable”.

The document continues: “Scotland can argue that it has paid its share towards the British armed services inventory and therefore should be able to negotiate most of what it needs to an independent Scotland.”

I sincerely hope that an independent Scotland would “learn something from New Zealand” and indeed good practice from anywhere, including in rugby!

Bill McLean


Dunfermline, Fife