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As someone who disapproves of national anthems in principle, I was amazed to hear the announcement at a medal presentation ceremony at the Commonwealth Games of “the Scottish national anthem, Flower of Scotland”. Since when?

I find that melody very pleasant, but anyone singing an anthem should be able to associate the words with a positive forward vision for the country, in my opinion.

Above all, I deplore any reference to warfare and aggression. This song is an emotional and moving expression of deep personal feelings, but not suitable in this context.

Scots Wha Ha’e is even less appropriate: it is nothing more than a call to arms, appealing to Scots “who have bled” and welcoming them to their “gory bed”.

Where is the threat to us of “chains and slavery” nowadays?

Like Flower of Scotland, this emotion-packed, rousing song – really a speech – is effective in its own sphere, but it refers to a single battle campaign seven centuries ago; is that suitable as an anthem?

Not, in my view, if it is obviously antagonistic to a former enemy; that, of course, also includes God Save the Queen.

Robert Dow

Ormiston Road

Tranent, East Lothian