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I READ with interest (your report and leader, 31 January) on the UK demand for Scottish ­universities.

Alas, your report did not include figures for individual Scottish universities. Had it done so, you might have considered altering the wording of your leader which stated that “world renowned universities such as St Andrews are always going to appeal to students”. What, only one “world-class” university?

St Andrews saw an 11 per cent rise in applications from the rest of the UK, while Edinburgh, whose fee for a four-year degree course is also a whopping £36,000, reported a rise of 24 per cent to 15,077 applications. Glasgow – a bit cheaper at £27,000 for four years – experienced an increase of almost 37 per cent to a more modest total of 6,339 applications.

Scottish universities deserve a pat on the back for attracting so many prospective students from outwith the country.

Keddie Law

Lunan Avenue

Montrose, Angus