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During his recent visit to the Glastonbury festival the Dalai Lama spoke passionately about the need for schools and 
universities to provide a moral education.

For centuries the Christian religion has had a significant influence, for both good and ill, on our country.

Nowadays, with a better 
educated population and a 
dramatically falling Church of Scotland congregation, that 
influence has waned substantially.

This, and the evolution of a multicultural, muti-faith society, means that we should, as a matter of some urgency, reconsider the privileged place of Christianity in our state schools.

The Dalai Lama, a man of deep wisdom and wide experience, has stated that in moral education there must be awareness of the importance of inner value, and there should be secular principles which do not give preference to one religion over another.

At such a time, can we afford to ignore such advice from such a person?

Doug Clark

Muir Wood Grove