Wired-up Borders

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We noted with interest Gordon Henderson’s thoughts on running fibre along the route of the Borders Railway (Platform, 21 
August). With any major infrastructure project, BT will always seek to make best use of any available existing or planned assets, to minimise costs and maximise long-term impact.

As detailed planning takes place, all possible options are explored. The key thing is that whatever routes we do use need to join exchanges and pass premises.

BT already has a core fibre network in the Borders and Midlothian; both areas are benefiting from our commercial fibre investments. We are currently planning our deployment for the non-commercial parts of Scotland and will always look to use our existing infrastructure first.

In the Borders and Midlothian, core networks are not the primary cost, nor challenge.

The bulk of the investment will be in the local networks – the so-called “first” or “last mile”, between exchanges and homes and businesses.

Brendan Dick

BT Scotland

Edinburgh Park