Winter warning

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The Met Office has spent £97 million on enhanced computer power to increase the accuracy of its forecasts.

It boasts that the accuracy of its forecasts will increase from 62 per cent to 80 per cent.

Now, in its first seasonal 
forecast in five years, meteorologists have refused, despite 
“enhanced technology”, to be specific in their predictions, 
saying only that the winter ahead looks wet and stormy 
before a New Year freeze and there could be a risk of 
more stormy spells than 

For £97m I would have expected a more definitive forecast.

Here is the Met Office 
hedging its bets for two 
months ahead but it gravely 
predicts that the world weather will be apocalyptic by 2100 if mankind does not do something quickly about global warming.

Can they explain why their Met Office computer models did not predict the halt in 
global warming for the last 16 years?

Clark Cross

Springfield Road