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It is noted by Clark Cross (Letters, 16 July) that Friends of the Earth believes fracking will “wreck our climate commitments”.

I rather think on this occasion Friends of the Earth is correct – but for reasons other than it might have us know. The wealth of cheap energy which shale gas has brought to the US, if replicated to any significant degree in the UK, will undercut the economics of wind even more.

Energy in any quantity from wind turbines is currently only possible through costly subsidies, paid by taxpayers. The availability of cheaper energy, contrasting with the crippling expense of wind energy, would appear even more Pythonesque. It is no wonder a lobby group like Friends of the Earth wants to prevent shale gas being a success. The only conceivable justification for such an expensive pro-wind policy is if it were to make a significant and critical contribution to saving the planet.

Yet the case for draconian CO2 control, which is the justification which underpins the climate change acts and their targets, was always speculative and based on uncertain, complex science.

Nor is it clear that wind energy gives significant reductions in CO2. Empirical observational evidence of the climate failing to act as confidently predicted by a mythical “consensus” makes the suspension of the targets and then the repeal of the climate change acts more sensible options with every passing month.

If cheap shale-based energy leads to a change in policy with regards to our “climate commitments” that will be no bad thing.

(Cllr) Cameron Rose

City Chambers


The viability of a cheap energy source in the form of shale gas should surely be scientifically investigated by the government, and if extraction proves to be viable, it should proceed. We need energy decisions made on facts, for the benefit of us all, and not influenced by pressure groups, whose narrow agendas do not necessarily encompass the full reality of a requirement so important as cheap and plentiful energy.

Malcolm Parkin

Gamekeepers Road

Kinnesswood, Kinross