Wind waste

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Clark Cross’ letter (25 April) picks up on one of RSPB Scotland’s concerns about SSE’s proposed wind farm at Strathy South; that is that the carbon benefits of this particular wind farm could be small and, in a worst case, almost zero.

This is due to the location of Strathy South in the heart of the Flow Country, which, as well as being one of the most important and heavily protected peatlands in Europe, is a huge natural carbon store.

Most wind farms in Scotland do provide clear carbon benefits, which, after all, is their primary purpose, and RSPB Scotland therefore remains a firm supporter of wind energy in the right places.

However, the carbon benefits of Strathy South are questionable at best and it would also harm a wide range of important bird species.

Strathy South is clearly not the right place for a wind farm.

It is unthinkable that it might be approved and the sooner Scottish ministers reject Strathy South, the sooner we can move on to delivering carbon benefits from wind farms in more suitable locations, including in other sites that would benefit the 
communities of Caithness and Sutherland.

Aedán Smith

RSPB Scotland