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Wind developers continue to sweep across our country, aided and abetted by the government, proposing industrialisation of our landscapes just about anywhere with their giant turbines.

They cajole and offer monetary gains to persuade people to support them and they give assurances and guarantees about 
impacts, saying there is no evidence that our tourism industry will suffer, people’s health will suffer, wildlife will suffer, property prices will fall, etc.

I would beg to differ – there is a wealth of information out there from across the globe if only those in power would bother to look.

The developers tell us they are listening to the communities and reduce the number of turbines, re-siting some and perhaps dropping the height a metre or two.

How many times have we seen an extension applied for once approval is secured? Sometimes before the original is even 

Words are clearly cheap. It is time for all those threatened (and frightened of possible impacts on their lives) to consider placing legally binding documents in front of these developers and asking them to sign against what they say won’t happen.

Get them to sign that they will not apply for any extensions if they have reduced numbers to get approval.

How many will? None, I would wager, but let’s all do it anyway. Their failure to sign will speak volumes.

Lyndsey Ward