Wind planning

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Your readers may be as surprised as I was to learn recently that there are massive 
differences in wind farm application fees between England and Scotland.

Our planning committees are overrun with applications and we also recently learned that we have sufficient capacity now to power all the homes in Scotland, so why do we need more and more wind farms destroying our beautiful wild places?

The authorities in England are likewise looking at removing pylons and undergrounding power lines in places of scenic beauty, but we are not.

We get more and more industrialisation in our glens and on our hillsides.

We are told by our councils that there is not enough money for services we have taken for granted for years, including current ones like gritting of roads, but we are subsidising the destruction of our wild places by companies often foreign owned.

I have supported the SNP for a long time but I can no longer tolerate their policy of allowing ugly, noisy and inefficient wind farms in some of the most special places in our country.

The Scottish Government might like to ponder on this, lest we “send them homeward tae think again”.

Peter E Smith


By Beauly