Wind farm debate

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Thank you so much for reporting so thoroughly on the wind farm debate in Holyrood yesterday (2 December).

We sat through an hour of a prior debate (we saw only about 20 MSPs there), only to be delighted to see the chamber filling with 111 MSPs as the debate drew to a close.

We naively thought the filling of the public gallery at that point with campaigners from all over Scotland had resulted in enthusiasm for the next debate on Alex Salmond’s wind farm policy.

We had to laugh as the MSPs were called to a vote on a prior motion and then the vast majority, including Alex Salmond, immediately left the chamber. About 35 MSPs then held an excellent cross-party debate on the problems associated with this goldrush for wind.

Your article will provide useful information for those MSPs who seem to treat their electorate with contempt.

Professor Bruce and Mrs Celia Hobbs

Peebles Road


Neil FINDLAY, MSP, led a debate, on 1 December in the Scottish Parliament, entitled “Community Benefit and the Cumulative Impact of Windfarm Developments in Communities”.

Although this is a subject that the majority of people in Scotland feel very strongly about, only 26 MSPs were present.

Alex Salmond appeared to vote at an earlier debate, but was not there to hear his beloved wind turbines being criticised.

There were hundreds of people from all parts of Scotland in the public gallery.

Points raised by MSPs included inappropriate sites; exploiting the fast buck; politicians not listening; foreign companies reaping the subsidies; unacceptable noise levels; billions of pounds in subsidies; unrealistic targets and paying through the nose through our electricity bills.

There was a call for a moratorium on further wind turbine developments until justifiable concerns have been answered, but will the SNP listen?

Clark Cross

Springfield Road