Wind farm costs

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On 29 April 2013, under the “Balancing Mechanism – Windfarm Constraint Payments” scheme, some 13 wind farms in the UK were paid a total of more than £1 million for not producing electricity – see

This sum is an estimate of what they would have been paid had their electricity actually been needed. But these wind farms would not have existed without subsidies, so we are paying to build wind farms in order to further pay them when their part-time electricity is not needed because it is being generated at the wrong time. You simply couldn’t make it up.

Malcolm Parkin


Your article and map detailing the “wild areas” which it is intended to protect from wind turbine development left me incredulous

Why is the wonderful Isle of Mull left unprotected and what about the mountains of Galloway, designated as only one of four “Dark sky areas” in the world and described in the Galloway Forest Park website as “300 square miles of rugged wilderness”?

Mark Atkinson


East Lothian