Win at what cost?

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HAVING followed football, 
in particular the fortunes of 
Aberdeen FC, for 65 years, the 
financial misfortunes of Heart of Midlothian FC sadden me.

Some say that asking fans to dip in their pockets to help the club through its immediate crisis is emotional blackmail, but fans would try to help without being asked, such is the attachment they have for their club. Having said this, I believe some fans are partly to blame for clubs being in financial difficulty. I can trace this back to the emergence of football fans who demanded success no matter the financial implications.

Fans need to make up their minds: do they insist the clubs pay wages to attract better players in the hope their club wins something and at the same time risk football Armageddon, or do they want their club to live within their means and have a future? The choice is simple.

RT Smith

Braeside Terrace