Wild goose cull

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Natural Injustice (your report, February 20) should not, perhaps, come as much of a surprise given the track record of this government on nature conservation.

As recently as 18 December last year, environment minister Aileen McLeod announced a new strategy for the management of wild geese on Islay. An essential element is to lower the numbers of overwintering Barnacle geese by culling around 10 per cent of the Islay population, or (in round terms) 
5 per cent of the world’s breeding population of this bird, listed by the European Union as requiring legal protection.

While recognising the problems and acknowledging the steps taken by ­Scottish Natural Heritage on Islay to try to design a ­flexible system for managing these birds, the lack of international consultation with interested parties, including the EU, does not ­enhance our reputation overseas.

Jim Pratt

Mountain Cross

West Linton