Why pick on Ri?

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IN RESPONSE to Emma ­Cowing’s piece on Rihanna (Perspective, 28 November), I’d just like to say I found that it rather missed the point.

I agree Rihanna should think of the message she gives out to young female fans about accepting abuse, but more should be said about how any celebrity’s image can harm young fans. Any celebrity who gets a tattoo would not lose their job as a result, for instance. So why single out Rihanna?

Ms Cowing finds Rihanna’s expression of her sexuality and stage image provocative, but says nothing of how outrageous Lady Gaga is. Why is it alright for Lady Gaga to bare all but not Rihanna?

Instead of judging Rihanna alone, perhaps Ms Cowing could inspect the culture of blaming domestic abuse victims as well as the social pressure put on women to take back their abusive partners.

Maryam Jabir

Daiches Braes