Who benefits?

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On this occasion I’m grateful to Colin Hamilton for not only proving my central point, but in fact positively reinforcing it (Letters, 15 November).

My point is that Scotland will be subjected to an unnecessarily brutal regime of austerity because people like Mr Hamilton voted No and left us lumbered with the far-right ideology that permeates Westminster.

There is no doubt that an independent Scotland would have had to face hard economic challenges.

However, what is equally evident is that an independent Scottish government would have adopted a very different strategy from the destructive and counter-productive policies which are deployed by the 
unionist parties and are excessively austere.

And we know who suffers most as the poor pay through the nose for the excesses of the banks, financial institutions and Westminster.

On universal benefits, Mr Hamilton seems to think it’s alright for people to speak out against them while availing themselves of the financial recompense. It brings to mind an old Marxist (Groucho not Karl) who said: “I have principles. If you don’t like them, I have 

Douglas Turner

Derby Street