What will change?

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The answer is Yes, they say; Yes to Scots voters determining their future. Yet the plan is to join the
European Union, an embryo
superstate that already shapes 15 to 50 per cent of our laws. It is to use the pound, to leave control of our economy with the Union we are quitting; to join Nato, making it hard to go non-nuclear.

The question on the ballot is misleading. Scotland will not be an independent country. And how democratic is democracy? Governments are usually elected by a minority, each of whom approves only some of their policies. How often can we say: 
“Holyrood is doing just what I want”? Politicians tend to forget us between elections, and look to their own interests. Are the two sides in this campaign selfless and principled representatives of the people, or are they mainly seeking power for themselves?

A Yes vote entails risk. It might give us more self-determination – but not as much as we may think.


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