What a mess

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Tolerating the endless tramworks may be one thing, but why must Edinburgh residents be forced to accept the desecration of the city by the clutter of hideous road signs that have sprouted everywhere, ugly to look at and bamboozling for motorists and pedestrians alike? Yellow and black, red and white, all shapes and sizes, many of them twisted, others mounted on monstrous concrete blocks, some not even pointing in the right direction.

Do we really need to be warned about every junction, every set of traffic lights, turning, roundabout, etc?

OK, some of these signs are temporary, but it seems to take a long time for them to be removed once roadworks are complete.

There are lots of poles without signs and serving no purpose, remnants of now-abandoned instructions and left behind to add to this overgrown forest of street furniture.

Where are the protectors of Edinburgh’s heritage in all of this? Don’t they care?


Lanark Road