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WE should all wholeheartedly agree with Chris and Colin Weir’s plea (Letters, 8 May and your report same day) to respect other views on independence by both sides of the referendum debate.

However, it is important to distinguish between the genuine interest and concerns expressed by the public when extremely large sums of money are donated to either side of the campaign as against the reports (also 8 May) of the “virulent” and “nasty” online attacks by ­Nationalist websites claimed by the newly formed No Borders ­organisation.

By any stretch of the imagination a single political donation of £3 million accepted by the Yes movement is extremely disturbing, especially as it is close to the total sum of money raised by the Better Together campaign involving thousands of people.

Rather than behaving like a First Minister, it suggests Alex 
Salmond’s letter to the Weirs and the subsequent red carpet treatment at Bute House smells of political expediency. After all, why would the First Minister write to offer his congratulations to someone who arbitrarily picked some lucky numbers?

One can only imagine the furore and rhetoric by the Nationalists in the unlikely event of a similar amount of money being donated to the No campaign. 

It is also disingenuous for the spokesman of Yes Scotland to try to associate the “eye-watering” political donation with the Weirs’ laudable generosity to a range of good causes. 

I am sure the Weirs’ intentions were genuine. However, naivety and poor advice spring to mind.  

Ian Lakin

Murtle Den Road



I heartily endorse Colin and Christine Weir’s plea (Letters, 8 May) for people to stop and think of Scotland after 18 September. It does not help, for example, for Professor John Curtice of Strathclyde University to refer to people like myself and my husband who have happily lived and worked in Scotland for 43 years, contributing to the country, to be labelled “internal UK migrants” (Scotland on Sunday, 20 April).

Can I have volunteers to go tell the Scots who have lived in England 43 years that they are internal UK migrants?

Celia Hobbs

Peebles Road

Penicuik, Midlothian

ALEX Salmond is obviously happy to accept all possible support in his campaign for a Yes vote but I feel the SNP would have a lot to say about unfair playing fields were the No campaign to receive such a windfall as that provided by the Weirs.

Derek Sharp

Blinkbonny Road