We pay the price for wind power

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GEORGE Osborne, the Chancellor, said that in 2015-16 up to £5.3 billion, raised through a levy on people’s energy 
bills, would go to support low-carbon energy projects.

So there you have it, despite the renewables propaganda machines and the developers pleading poverty, our energy bills are loaded with renewables subsidies.

Recently Professor Jane Bower, business expert at 
Edinburgh University, said that large reserves of shale 
gas have been discovered in England and it is likely similar large reserves will be found in Scotland.

She suggested that Scotland should turn its attention to shale gas extraction instead of wind power, which is likely to see its costs “rapidly escalate year by year”.

Meanwhile, the Greens 
and our scientifically illiterate politicians continue to chant the mantra “The wind is free.”

Clark Cross, Linlithgow