We need Trident for protection

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THOSE who believe that the SNP’s proposed Scottish “Navy” will employ the 12,000 or so currently dependent on the Trident and other Royal Navy bases in Scotland really do live in a fantasy land. One is tempted to say those who believe this deserve what will surely come.

Equally preposterous is the thinking that by expelling Trident our country is in some way “safer”. Perhaps they think that every mad dictator or religious fanatic across the globe, with access to nuclear weapons and the means of delivering them, will now be frantically rearranging possible targets in case the SNP somehow, miraculously, manage to win the referendum.

Do the dreamers really think that “wee friendly Scotland”, separated from the rest of 
the UK politically, would 
then be safer? That was the thinking in Norway and Denmark as the Nazis’ jackboots trampled over them.

When the world stops producing Hitlers and Saddam Husseins and Pol Pots and Kim Jong-uns, then we can perhaps relax. A fully verified and foolproof multilateral disarmament is the only solution, and that is decades away.

In the meantime, we need every bit of protection we can get.

Alexander McKay, Edinburgh