Waverley chaos

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The access arrangements to Waverley Station from Waverley Bridge have to be seen to be believed.

It is impossible to imagine any other European capital city organising such chaos and difficulty in reaching the platform with their luggage.

We who live in Edinburgh are lucky. We know there is another entrance on East Market Street.

It’s not particularly easy if I want to take my bike on the train or to the bike parking, but it certainly beats Waverley Bridge where bike access was, for a brief period, so sensible that I thought I must be in the Netherlands.

Now most visitors to Edinburgh with wheels of any kinds – wheelchairs, baby buggies, huge wheeled suitcases, bicycles – are herded onto a ramp that would be more suitable for separating animals heading for the slaughterhouse than welcoming visitors or residents to the Edinburgh railway station.

Is the chorus of disapproval and plea for common sense to be totally ignored?

Are the flood of visitors coming for the festivals to think we have lost our senses?

Eileen Holttum

Melville Terrace