Waiting for truth

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The health minister Michael Matheson is sadly mistaken if he thinks a review of crematoria legislation will “ensure that similar incidents never happen again” (your report, 17 April).

This is a half-hearted attempt to sweep under the carpet what could be one of Scotland’s 
largest scandals of recent times, with evidence showing the problem is Scotland-wide and 
is not just confined to 

Common sense dictates that the only reasonable action available to him is to implement 
a full public inquiry which 
allows bereaved parents access to the whole truth about what 
happened to their precious 
babies’ remains following their cremations.

A public inquiry is the only route to getting all the answers these parents desperately need to allow them to grieve properly for their lost babies and to find some sort of closure.

These are parents who have been faced with one of the worst tragedies imaginable and who were denied the truth at the time of losing their babies, and now it seems they are being 
denied the truth again.

Some parents have waited two or three decades for answers. Surely the minister is not going to make them wait any longer.

Patrick McGuire

Thompsons Solicitors

Bath Street