Vote needn’t give SNP first dibs

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IT IS by no means certain that the SNP would control the first elected government following independence, so why nourish the opposition with speculation over adopting sterling and joining the EU? Why not say they would retain sterling for as long as it does not harm Scotland and have preparations for a Scottish currency in hand from an early stage; and even David Cameron, hardly a democrat himself, has offered the UK a referendum on ­Europe if the Tories are elected for another term.

The SNP has achieved a great milestone with the 2014 referendum – alas their skill in political strategy is less apparent. It is to be hoped that the Yes campaign will throw up a pro-independence party which will form a credible opposition equipped with sufficient intellectual capital to stimulate a new enlightenment, because it most surely won’t come from a moribund Westminster dominated by the City of London and its disgraced banking system.

RF Morrison, Helensburgh