Virtuous cycle

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We are told that the government is spending “almost £58 million” on cycling in Scotland (your report, 29 July).

Leaving aside the fact that this includes money for both cycling and walking to be spent over three years, the government should be clear that this is at most 1 per cent of the transport budget per annum, at a time when it is claiming to have a “vision” of 10 per cent of journeys in Scotland being made by bike.

At present, approximately 1 per cent of journeys are made by bike. It seems unlikely that amount will increase without commensurate spending.

It is time for the transport minister Keith Brown to put his money where his mouth is.

Words will not encourage cycling, but action might. And Scotland will be a healthier, happier, and more prosperous nation if he does so.

Sara Dorman

Temple Park Crescent


Goodness me, it doesn’t take much to get the motorists to select the high gear of dudgeon.

What your correspondents (who may indeed, some of them, be bike owners) seem to be preferring to misapprehend is that the cyclists they mention who do break the rules are representative of the majority.

They recall with clarity the cyclists who have annoyed them but fail to recall the vast majority, the dozens upon dozens of cyclists who just go about their journey and fail to attract their attention.

While they fail to notice those many innocent cyclists past whom they drive, they can be very sure that those cyclists keep a very nervous eye on every car that comes anywhere near them.

David Rice


West Lothian