Vanishing cash

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On the day that RBS stumps up again, do other readers feel – like me – that they are paying for the sins and bonuses of RBS mandarins? Like most, I have a current account used for day-to-day needs.

A year back RBS said I had a large amount sitting in the account and suggested I move some to a tracker account. Acting on the given advice, I moved £2,000.

A year later and having lost about £50 to inflation, I have been rewarded with 44p 
interest. At 22p per £1,000 I am less than ecstatic.

Either RBS is incompetent with investing my modest sum, or I’m being mugged. I suspect the latter.

I have a lovely biscuit tin from Christmas. Soon it will contain premium bonds. I shall therefore do my own form of casino banking with my £2,000. I can’t stop inflation but, at worst, I can live without 44p. I’ve got another phrase for the letters “RBS”, but I won’t print it because you won’t publish it!

Thomas R Burgess