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Whoever thought of getting the 200 English people to sign a letter asking Scotland to stay in the Union and whoever told David Cameron that it would be a good thing to tell Scots that they would be better remaining as part of the UK knows absolutely nothing about the Scots psyche.

Asking that is more likely to put Scots’ backs up even to the extent of voting Yes.

Has no-one in the Better ­Together campaign got the guts to tell them to keep out?

Scots would rather fight their own rammy, thank you very much.

David Elder

Knox Place

Haddington, East Lothian

I must admit to feeling slightly nauseous reading about the “great and good” signing up to urge Scots to vote No (your ­report, 8 August).

Another admission would be that I barely recognised one quarter of the signatories; this stunt reeks of desperation on the part of the unionists.

First we have bully boy Alistair Darling showing his nastier side during the independence debate this week, and now we are being love-bombed by “celebrities”.

David Cameron should be careful. This may be his “Cool Britannia” moment – and we all know how that backfired on New Labour.

C Murphy

West Calder

West Lothian

The list of “celebrities” touted by the No camp would appear to consist of people who are English, live south of the Border or have made their various fortunes outwith Scotland.

The relevance is no more than that of a straw poll taken in the Yemen on the merits of haggis hunting.

Robin Ian McEwan

Infirmary Street


I’m TIRED of hearing pro-
independence Scots complaining that English people have no right to voice an opinion on the subject.

However irritating they may seem, they too will be affected by our decision. This isn’t just about us in Scotland.

Wendy Wilson

Leamington Terrace