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THere he goes again, good old Alexander McKay (Letters, 13 March), possibly the most ­prolific letter writer to The ­Scotsman and the one most indelibly thirled to the Union and the past.

Putting aside his constant 
misinterpretation of the finer points of financial facts, could I ask Mr McKay, instead of constantly carping and fanning his obsessive hatred of the SNP and First Minister Alex Salmond, to spend some time writing to tell us just what is so good about the Union.

Is it the “bedroom tax”, the universal credit, the reduction on family tax credits or the ­attack on the living standards of the disabled?

Is it the reduction of income tax for the most wealthy or the increase in VAT? Is it the increase of prescription charges in ­England to £7.20 per item? Is it the decimation of the public sector?

Is it to keep in a job the Minister of Defence whose department has spent £1.4 billion on equipment it does not need, the man who has treated Scotland with utter contempt regarding troop placements and fronts up the government policy of spending £38bn on the obscenity that is Trident – a weapon we don’t need and can never use?

If that’s the kind of Scotland Alexander McKay wants, then God help us. If it is, Mr McKay, it’s time for direct action.

Burn your bus pass and 
donate all the money you’ve saved from the council tax freeze and prescription charges to charity. Send back your winter fuel allowance and pay tuition fees for your family.

But most of all, stop being such a negative feartie and tell us why we should learn to love the Union.

Douglas Turner

Derby Street