Union betrayal

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Arthur Barlow (Letters, 5
September) asks ‘Why are we being asked to sign away our future without concrete facts?’ Your letter is a little late.

You should have asked that question in 1707 before it
happened via the Treaty of Union, that being signed by a few dozen people, without
consulting the people of Scotland – and before they shared out the contents of a chest full of gold that was sent up from 

As a result of that betrayal we have had a stunted population growth, mass immigration, loss of life in wars running into the hundreds of thousands and a profile in the modern world lower than Big Ben.

We have food banks, housing shortages, just about the lowest old age pension in Europe and working people barely surviving on a pathetic wage while a
pampered section of society are overflowing with wealth.

Now we are having a vote where the nation can have a say in its own future for the 
first time in three centuries and we can start reversing the damage.

Thomas R Burgess

St. Catherine’s Square