Unfair strike

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A strike, followed by a “work to rule” by thousands of BBC staff, could lead to disruption of the coverage of the Commonwealth Games (your report, 16 July). That’s what I call biting the hand that feeds them.

The government should now announce that the BBC will no longer get priority preference for future sporting and other events and companies such as Sky and ITV will be able to bid for the rights. The BBC is already overstaffed and employees too highly paid, especially the so-called “stars”.

I was astonished to read that those on under £50,000 a year were dismissive of an offer of £650 and those on over £50,000 said no to £500.

Those on the national average pay of £23,000 would, I suggest, be delighted. I do, however, agree with the union that executive pay should be capped at £150,000, or even lower.

If there was a cull of numbers and celebrities then more could be given to the lower paid.

My preferred solution is cancel the licence fee and let unions and management sink or swim as a commercial enterprise.

Clark Cross