Unclean disposal

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the disposal of wind turbine blades appears to be a major 
environmental problem looming and their final destination may well be landfill (your 
report, 15 January).

The manufacture of turbine blades includes the use of carbon fibre nanotubes (CFN). It was my understanding that most European Union member states prohibited the landfill disposal of carbon fibre composites because of pollution concerns. Will those laws be repealed in order to facilitate this ill-conceived industry?

It has been reported that CFN can have similar properties to asbestos fibres if it becomes unstable. Can the wind industry guarantee 100 per cent that the disposal of these blades in landfill will not release dangerous fibres and toxins into the environment, and possibly our water courses, and that CFN disposed in this way poses no threat to human health at all?

If not, then here we have yet another example of how this “green” energy is far from clean and will potentially pollute our land and people as well as the environment and citizens overseas where the rare earth minerals it requires are mined and processed.

Mrs L Ward