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I LIVE in England and I want to live in a social democratic country where the difference in earnings between the rich and poor is much less.

I want a country where the government has a responsibility for the well-being of its population, where there is less poverty, where firms and the people see that paying taxes is a benefit for all, where the state can still have a role, where the only solution is not to privatise all public services. 

Many of us do not want to be governed by a southern-based, public school elite. My vote in England alone cannot change this situation, but with the Scots we could.

The Scots can just cut and run and achieve some of the above for themselves, but they we will be turning their back on the many hundreds of thousands of people in the UK who support many of the issues that have been raised during the independence debate.

If Scotland decides to vote for independence, then it will be taking away the influence that it could have in changing the whole of the United Kingdom.

If Scotland goes independent, it will leave England (and Wales) with a permanent right-wing majority. Anyone vaguely left of centre will be left in the wilderness.

Where is solidarity when it is needed? Don’t go, stay and help us fight for a fairer Britain.

Nigel May