UK record dire

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Reading Brian Wilson’s latest opinion piece (Perspective, 7 June) on the referendum debate makes me wonder what planet he inhabits.

In the same week that charities announce that more than 20 million meals have been handed out at food banks in the last year he asks us: “What is the problem that demands such high-risk 

This perhaps tells us a lot about a Labour Party that is virtually indistinguishable from the Tory Party on virtually every issue.

The reality of course is that on every long-term social and economic measure the UK’s ranking versus other developed nations is abysmal.

Whether it’s social inequality, social mobility, levels of state pension, minimum wage levels, under-fives’ death rates, productivity or business investment, the UK sits at or near the bottom of international tables.

This goes a long way to explaining the negative, scaremongering messages coming from the Better Together campaign. Its campaign is negative because it has nothing positive to tell us.

Andrew S R Gordon

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