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there is often confusion over what the United Kingdom is, as possibly illustrated in your letter (22 March) mentioning the Channel Islands, Jersey and the States of Guernsey, are Crown Protectorates and came with William the Conqueror of England. They are not in the UK or the European Union, although they are in the Commonwealth.

The Isle of Man is in a similar position and all are in federation with the UK. The UK consists of England, Scotland, Wales and the Province of Northern 
Ireland. Scotland is the only country of the set that has not been conquered.

When Scotland becomes independent she will remain in the UK of 1603, the sterling area, the British Commonwealth, the EU, Nato, and will join the UN.

The UK Government of 1707 will cease to exist, and it would be a good opportunity to form a larger federation.

Northern Ireland and Man have more affiliation with 
Scotland than England so it will be interesting to see their 


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