Two sides to a timely question

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I WAS surprised by the vote in response to Scotland on Sunday’s opinion poll question “Is it ever morally acceptable to celebrate someone’s death?”, with 11 per cent voting Yes and 89 per cent voting No (21 April). It would be interesting to know if the majority of No voters had Margaret Thatcher in mind when they cast their vote and were not really thinking any further.

I suspect had the question been asked in your paper on 17 November, 2002, the vote would have been very different, that being the first Sunday after Myra Hindley died. It is likely that, not only would many celebrate the fact, many more would have thought good riddance to bad rubbish – apart maybe for those who thought that a peaceful death was way too good for her.

There are surely many other evil people whose deaths it would not be wrong to celebrate, for example Nazis who escaped a death sentence or even any punishment. As with Hindley, death, without punishment, is too good for them.

Sandra Busell, Edinburgh