Two Irelands

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Could I please ask that you acknowledge the island to the west of Britain as having two distinctly separate identities, which do not share such matters as a currency, law, banking regulations and education – significantly more differences than those between Scotland and England.

The people of Ulster share an identity with Scotland and wish an end to the constant referral of the Republic of Ireland as

It does not have to be pointed out that The Scotsman carries regular, often incisive, articles on Scotland’s proposed separation from the UK (Britain).

You are aware that there is no such popularity for this to be replicated by the people of Ulster so why portray the six counties as though they do?

Can you please respect the fact that Ulster is, in geographical terms, only part of the island of Ireland as Scotland is in geographical terms only part of Britain.

You are to be congratulated on your paper’s commendable endeavours to represent Scotland so robustly. Do not, by default, fail to do so for others.

Marianne E McMaster

Lanark Road West