Turbulent times

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I was among the turbine protesters gathered outside the SNP conference in Perth. We were a peaceful, but noisy, group of a few hundred, mainly middle-aged folk and pensioners. These included the late Tom Weir’s widow, aged 92.

We peacefully tried to lobby delegates as they left and entered the hall. A few, including a concerned GP from Arran, were totally polite and a few little debates took place across the steel barriers.

But the others simply ignored us – apart from a substantial minority. These, obviously frustrated by the level of the debate inside the conference hall, decided it was time to move things onto a higher intellectual level.

Their inspired arguments, such as, “Why don’t youse f*** off!” or, on a lighter note, “Just p*** off!”, truly inspired us to wonder what on Earth makes these “delegate” badge-wearing louts think they have the ability, or intellect, to run a country. A sad, sad, day for Scotland.

Andrew Shiells


Newton Stewart

Your report (22 October) on so called renewables “success” quotes the WWF as suggesting that the reduction in CO2 emissions from using renewables was equivalent to closing down Longannet power station.

I await with anticipation the news that Longannet will close this year as a result.

Alan Black

Camus Avenue