Turbine U-turn

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Christine Grahame (Letters, 16 September) has a good line in self-deprecating wit, but she misuses it to snipe that Celia Hobbs (Letters, 15 September) is the one with a faulty memory.

The fact is Ms Grahame vehemently supported her party’s 2007 manifesto opposition to onshore wind proliferation and corresponding commitment to offshore wind development.

Tellingly, her letter does not deny this because it is a matter of public record.

Like Ms Grahame, the SNP has never owned up to the policy U-turn on onshore wind which occurred when it gained power. Many SNP supporters are horrified by the continuing denials by party leaders that the thousands of onshore industrial wind turbines they have allowed to litter Scotland have no significant adverse impacts.

A conveniently short memory, and the ability to argue that black is white, may be useful qualities for careerist politicians, but they do not make for responsible government or sustainable policy.

Linda Holt