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Your article, “Controversy is par for the course” (16 May), has a few issues I’d like to address.

The finest players in the world love to play my courses, whether they are in Scotland, Florida or California. Their esteem is valid and I am proud to provide the best for them and to all golfers.

My course in Aberdeen has received the highest praise from professionals and critics, and has enhanced the Scottish legacy of greatness on every level. Most consider it one of the greatest courses ever built. Considering my heritage, there is no way I would offer anything less.

As reported, overseas visitors spent £169 million in Aberdeen in 2013, compared with the £100m they spent in 2012.

The “Trump golf course” is specified as being on of the reasons for these amazing figures.

That’s been referred to as the “Trump factor” wherever I set up business – because I “bring in business”. Local hotel reservations and rounds of golf are up 50 per cent and more than 40 countries have been represented thus far at Trump International Golf Links Scotland. What else in Aberdeen has attracted these figures?

The only people I can imagine “shuddering” at my promises would be my detractors when they look at the facts and see what I have contributed to the economy of Scotland.

The fact that I care about Scotland – past, present and future – is clear in the results we’ve seen thus far. Whatever “tweaking” I’ve done has certainly proven to be beneficial.

I would suggest that you take into account the full spectrum of what has been accomplished by me in Aberdeen.

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