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WITH all due deference, may I propose it is a trifle unscientific to suggest, as it has been repeatedly, that a Yes vote would mean that the funds for scientific research allotted to institutions in Scotland would be in proportion to the Scottish population.

Just as there is no essential correlation between the size of a population and the value of any research carried on within its ­territory, so there is none between appropriate funds and population size.

I accept that, as Professor David Sugden says (Letters, 28 May) an element of chauvinism enters into the deliberations of the committees allocating funds and that, following independence, this ­element would increase – to Scotland’s detriment.

However, is not this but one element among many such as personalities, areas of specialism, academic feuds, professional relationships, possible financial gain and so on, which tend to divert such bodies from arriving at totally disinterested decisions?

S Beck

Craigleith Drive