Trident risks

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THE Ministry of Defence and Westminster persistently claim that Scotland is safer with Trident based at Faslane on the Clyde.

Nothing could be further from the truth and they will be well aware of the danger foisted on Greenock and the more heavily populated Glasgow in particular.

Faslane is some 15 miles inland and while the submarines worm their way along the sea loch they come into near touching distance of Greenock while Glasgow is only ten miles up-river.

It would be a simple operation for terrorists to mine the Clyde channel during darkness or attack from concealed wooded areas along the shoreline.

Only this week, M16 admitted that Britain is a danger to further terrorist attacks. To date, we have been fortunate – our luck will not last forever. Why has this highly dangerous target been foisted upon the Scottish people when we do not wish to have it? Scottish lives obviously come cheaper.

Donald J Morrison

Haig Street


Buckie, Aberdeenshire

THE poll that Andrew HN Gray (Letters, 10 July) places so much faith in and indicates that 51 per cent of Scots wish to keep some form of nuclear “defence” involved 1,236 adults and was commissioned by Lord Ashcroft.

Lord Ashcroft is the former deputy chairman of the Conservative and Unionist Party, who conducted a sustained campaign against his own party leader, David Cameron.

His campaign also included the commissioning of a poll which, glory be, supported his view that support for his leader was “noticeably waning”.

His social media utterances also included an invitation to Ed Miliband to lunch, so I suppose, on balance, that this is a man whose polls we can trust implicitly.

Douglas Turner

Derby Street