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Your highlighting of Scottish Labour leadership candidate Neil Findlay’s declaration that “left-wing stances are now mainstream” in Scotland and that he wants to scrap Trident (17 November) creates a fascinating contrast between himself and Jim Murphy (no doubt intentional).

Murphy and other unreconstructed Blairites – such as your regular vituperative anti-SNP contributors Brian Wilson and Alex Gallagher – need to be severely examined on why they continue to support the location of weapons of mass destruction in Scotland.

(These, by the way, were located on the Solent in the late 1950s until it was realised that an accident or leak would endanger Southampton. Crivvens! Where to put them?) Nothing could kickstart the redemption of Scottish Labour’s soul more emphatically than rejecting Jim Murphy as leader.

His unctous manner and honeyed words may win the election, but the big losers will be Scottish socialists and the Scottish people.

David Roche

Hill House

Coupar Angus