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Tucked away on page 37 in the “People” column (Business, 3 June) is an item about the replacement of Kate Carnegie as managing director of the self-styled “welfare to work specialist” Triage.

It’s suggested that the company is “not without its critics”.

This is a euphemism – the company was the subject of a major Panorama documentary earlier this year, in which Triage employees revealed that clients were routinely referred to as “LTBs” – Lying, Thieving B******s.

Other allegations were that it was “parking” many people it was supposed to be helping, claiming money for its services, while abandoning those on its work programme.

Linda Smith, a former employee who spoke to the press, described the prevalent attitude of the company as being “all about money. They didn’t care about people.”

In these circumstances it is hardly surprising that Kate Carnegie is “stepping back” from the company. One hopes that her replacement, Grace Kennedy, will be more occupied with assisting vulnerable people than maximising the company’s profits.

(Dr) Mary Brown

Dalvenie Road