Trash decision

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We couldn’t agree more with Colin Maclean (Letters, 11 April) about the appalling amount of litter on our roadsides and environs. He mentions the A1 and the A720. Most motorways are now the same; the M90 is littered throughout its length.

Bear Scotland is apparently contracted to clear these of ­litter but seems to achieve very ­little. We have only twice in many years on our monthly travels north, seen any litter picking being carried out on the M90.

This national mess leaves you wondering whether our government really appreciates why ­littering must be tackled as a ­priority? A large part of Scotland’s income comes from our tourist industry and so does a large chunk of our employment.

Something must be done about Scotland’s disgrace, or our visitors will lose interest.

Roy and Ellie Milne

East Trinity Road